Samsung Galaxy Note8 VS Note9 Full Specifications and Features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Note 9:

Galaxy Note 8 vs Note9

Samsung Note 9 is the New Super Powerful Note.  As we all know a it has been released this week. Now let’s have a clear-cut comparison between Samsung Note 8 and Samsung Note 9. Is that Worth to upgrade? You can get to know that after this comparison.

Galaxy Note8 vs Note 9 Display:

Lets start with the Display Note 9(6.4 Inch) is slightly bigger than the Note 8(6.3 Inch) and both are Super AMOLED Display with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Galaxy Note8 vs Note9 Storage:

The First time ever Samsung introduced a 512GB Internal storage and an expandable 512 GB Storage. Now Delete very less.

Note8 has three models 64GB/128GB/256GB and MicroSD up to 256GB, But in Note9 2 models only 128GB and 512 GB it’s MicroSD card up to 512GB that means the total 1TB capacity to Note9 have.

Galaxy Note8 vs Note9 Battery:

Battery Backup

Samsung Note 9 has a very impressive battery of 4,000 mah whether the note 8 have 3,300 mah battery back up very less when compared to the Note 9.

Galaxy Note8 vs Note9 Camera:


Coming to the Camera both the cameras have the same megapixels whereas Note 9 has the Dual OIS and Dual Aperture which is a lack in Note 9. There is no change in front in camera, both the Samsung Note phones have the 8 MP front camera.

Note 8 has a dual camera with dual OIS 12*12MP AF with 8 MP AF front.

Note 9 has a dual camera with OIS dual aperture 12*12 MP AF  and front camera 8MP AF

Durability and Performance:

Both the phones are waterproof and Dustproof with IP68 Rating. When we compare the performance note 9 has a powerful Octa-core processor with 8GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which is ultimately fast.



Samsung Galaxy Note8 has LTE Cat.16 16*4 MIMO, 4CA

Samsung Galaxy Note9 has LTE Cat.18*Enanced 4*4 MIMO, 5CA

Note8 VS Note9 Authentication:


Note8 has IRIS, Fingerprint, Facial recognization, Pattern, Pin, Password

Note8 has Intelligent Scan, IRIS, Fingerprint, Facial recognization, Pattern, Pin, Password

S Pen:


Samsung has added a new Bluetooth technology in the S pen when compares to the Note 8. We can operate the S pen with a Single Button.

Galaxy Note 8 vs Note 9 Price:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 6GB/128GB Price: RS 67,900/-

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 8GB/512GB Price: RS 84,900/-

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Note 9 Video: