Big Boss Kannada Season 6 Online Live Voting Result , Nominated Contestants Name List.

Bigg boss Kannada vote season 6:

Bigg Boss Kannada is one of the special reality shows nowadays and it has been completed 5 seasons and it is going to enter Bigg Boss Kannada season 6.

As specified by, Sudeep had created a contend with Endemol that He can Host Bigg Boss Kannada till season 6 so, Kiccha Sudeep is going take the Host for Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6 furthermore.

Below is the Full list of information related to the voting for this week.

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Season 6 Nominations (Unofficial Poll)

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Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Season 6 Nominations -Week  Memebers:

Bigg Boss S6 Kannada Online Voting

Bigg Boss Kannada S6 Contestants Elimination List

Contestant NameProfessionStatus
Sonu PatilCommoner Safe
Jayashree RajFilm & Television ActressELIMINATED
Andrew JaypaulCommonerSafe
MJ RakeshRadio JockeyELIMINATED
Muralidhar JayTV anchor Safe
Akshata PandavapuraCommoner Safe
Rakshitha RaiCommoner ELIMINATED
Rapid RashmiRadio JockeySafe
Adam PashaCommoner ELIMINATED
Kavitha GowdaTelevision ActressELIMINATED
AV RaviBodybuilder and ActorSafe
Shashi KumarCommonerELIMINATED
Reema DiasCommonerELIMINATED
Naveen SajjuSinger, Music DirectorELIMINATED
Sneha AcharyaTelevision ActressELIMINATED
Anand MalgattiCommonerELIMINATED
Naina PuttaswamyFilm & Television ActressELIMINATED
DhanrajCommoner Safe

Bigg boss Kannada vote:

Bigg Boss Kannada vote is one in all the most important aspects of the show that decides the elimination and winner similarly. Big Boss Format shows runs on the vote and it had been followed until Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5. Currently it identical for Bigg Boss Kannada season 6 similarly within which people are the contestants.

If we speak about this

If we really talking about kannada bigg boss season 6 voting lines, Voting, It is expressing your interest in a housemate related to their behaviour and all. We can do the Voting following two ways.

Using Voot App Voting | Voot Online Voting:

As we tend to all understand that Voot is that the Official Partner of the Bigg Boss Kannada i.e all the streaming rights are Reserved to Voot App only.

Most of the Seasons that are streamed by voot are voted through the Voot app. however this doesn’t happen with Kannada. Thus let’s stay up for season 6.

If Voot voting is live,

Installing voot app and making an account there’ll be ok to vote your Fav Contestant.

Using Missed call voting or offline voting:

This can even be known as offline voting. each Contestant is given a singular number. The those who are willing to vote a contestant will give a missed call to the provided number and it is often calculated as a vote.

Kannada Big Boss SMS voting:

Normally, voting is going to be conducted through SMS throughout its initial weeks and it works later furthermore. It is a small amount confusing and time taking method.

·        Have a look at the nominated candidates from the house in the week here

·        Pick up your favourite housemate from the nomination list

·        Copy his/her personal SMS code.

·        Type the code an send SMS to 56882

Missed call Numbers with respect to the contestants will be updated after the announcement .

By Bigg Boss Kannada Google vote online:

We have another way to Vote that is google search. We can find the nominated people for the elimination for that week using google search. Please take an eye on the below for the process online voting.

·        Make sure that you just open (Google version of India)

·        Search for “Bigg Boss Kannada Vote”.

·        The lists of nominated candidates are going to be displayed within the box.

·        Just raise the vote bar up to 50 votes and so submit it.

·        You can vote 50 points to any number of contestants like 10 points for one candidate and also the rest for an additional one.

·        And finally, don’t forget to submit the vote and provides it a social share to boost the votes.


·        These are solely official voting ways that are taken into count

·        Voting for the week are closed on Friday 12 AM

·        Votes received before the time are thought of

·        Votes through many online polls and websites aren’t thought of.

·        There are several polls on websites that are simple to guess the public opinion. They didn’t create any impact on eliminations.