How to Share and Install PUBG Mobile Game Through Shareit-PUBG Tricks

PUBG Game:

PUBG(PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds): Pubg is that the most known game these days. it’s complete action, journey and shooting game revealed by Tencent Games for mechanical man platform. it’s an internet multiplayer game, 100 players from totally different places battle with one another on 8×8 island for Chicken dinner.

The game will hit fifty million downloads on play store, it’s the massive milestone for a game in the half year. the game was free on March 2018 for mechanical man and therefore the new update of this game contains lots of additional features.

How to share PUGB game without internet through Shareit:

Share it is an app for share something from one mobile to another mobile. We can share APPs, Videos, Files, Pdf, Images, Songs and more.

How to download PUBG without internet:

Pubg game size 1.5GB or more, mobile data or wifi required for download, if an update will give its size will be increased. It is not possible to share PUBG from one mobile to another mobile but some more techniques are there to install the game.

Share the PUBG game from one mobile to another mobile and a few more steps are there to follow to play the game.

Step by Step Process for Install PUBG Game Through Shareit:


  • Shareit app to open first

SShareit app

Step 2:

  • Select PUBG APK app and ready to send
  • After it’s shown ready to install buy few more steps are there to install

Note: If game install before file transfer game not open.


Step 3:

  • Next, go to the internal storage of mobile

Step 4:

  • In internal storage select Android folder

Step 5:

  • In Android select obb folder

Step 6:

  • In obb folder com.tencent.ig folder

Step 7: 

  • com.tencent.ig folder file
  • Select that file and send for receiver

  1. Open Share it app
  2. Select PUGB game apk app and send it to receiver
  3. Send another file Internal Storage>Android>obb>com.tencent.ig>
  4. Done PUBG game successfully send.

Note: Follow below steps to how to install PUBG after receiving

How to Install PUBG from Shareit

Two PUBG files are received

  1. PUBG apk

1)Got to internal storage or External storage which have Shareit folder

2) Share it(Folder)> Files>

3)Copy or Move file to

4) Android>obb and Past it or Move it

5) Now go to PUBG app and Install Now

6) Successfully PUBG game Installed and Ready to Play