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How to Share and Install PUBG Mobile Game Through Shareit-PUBG Tricks

PUBG Game:

PUBG(PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds): Pubg is that the most known game these days. it’s complete action, journey and shooting game revealed by Tencent Games for mechanical man platform. it’s an internet multiplayer game, 100 players from totally different places battle with one another on 8×8 island for Chicken dinner.

The game will hit fifty million downloads on play store, it’s the massive milestone for a game in the half year. the game was free on March 2018 for mechanical man and therefore the new update of this game contains lots of additional features.

How to share PUGB game without internet through Shareit:

Share it is an app for share something from one mobile to another mobile. We can share APPs, Videos, Files, Pdf, Images, Songs and more.

How to download PUBG without internet:

Pubg game size 1.5GB or more, mobile data or wifi required for download, if an update will give its size will be increased. It is not possible to share PUBG from one mobile to another mobile but some more techniques are there to install the game.

Share the PUBG game from one mobile to another mobile and a few more steps are there to follow to play the game.

Step by Step Process for Install PUBG Game Through Shareit:


  • Shareit app to open first

SShareit app

Step 2:

  • Select PUBG APK app and ready to send
  • After it’s shown ready to install buy few more steps are there to install

Note: If game install before file transfer game not open.


Step 3:

  • Next, go to the internal storage of mobile

Step 4:

  • In internal storage select Android folder

Step 5:

  • In Android select obb folder

Step 6:

  • In obb folder com.tencent.ig folder

Step 7: 

  • com.tencent.ig folder file
  • Select that file and send for receiver

  1. Open Share it app
  2. Select PUGB game apk app and send it to receiver
  3. Send another file Internal Storage>Android>obb>com.tencent.ig>
  4. Done PUBG game successfully send.

Note: Follow below steps to how to install PUBG after receiving

How to Install PUBG from Shareit

Two PUBG files are received

  1. PUBG apk

1)Got to internal storage or External storage which have Shareit folder

2) Share it(Folder)> Files>

3)Copy or Move file to

4) Android>obb and Past it or Move it

5) Now go to PUBG app and Install Now

6) Successfully PUBG game Installed and Ready to Play

Big Boss Kannada Season 6 Online Live Voting Result , Nominated Contestants Name List.

Bigg boss Kannada vote season 6:

Bigg Boss Kannada is one of the special reality shows nowadays and it has been completed 5 seasons and it is going to enter Bigg Boss Kannada season 6.

As specified by, Sudeep had created a contend with Endemol that He can Host Bigg Boss Kannada till season 6 so, Kiccha Sudeep is going take the Host for Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6 furthermore.

Below is the Full list of information related to the voting for this week.

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Season 6 Nominations (Unofficial Poll)

Vote for favorite contestant
Vote Now

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Season 6 Nominations -Week  Memebers:

Bigg Boss S6 Kannada Online Voting

Bigg Boss Kannada S6 Contestants Elimination List

Contestant NameProfessionStatus
Sonu PatilCommoner Safe
Jayashree RajFilm & Television ActressELIMINATED
Andrew JaypaulCommonerSafe
MJ RakeshRadio JockeyELIMINATED
Muralidhar JayTV anchor Safe
Akshata PandavapuraCommoner Safe
Rakshitha RaiCommoner ELIMINATED
Rapid RashmiRadio JockeySafe
Adam PashaCommoner ELIMINATED
Kavitha GowdaTelevision ActressELIMINATED
AV RaviBodybuilder and ActorSafe
Shashi KumarCommonerELIMINATED
Reema DiasCommonerELIMINATED
Naveen SajjuSinger, Music DirectorELIMINATED
Sneha AcharyaTelevision ActressELIMINATED
Anand MalgattiCommonerELIMINATED
Naina PuttaswamyFilm & Television ActressELIMINATED
DhanrajCommoner Safe

Bigg boss Kannada vote:

Bigg Boss Kannada vote is one in all the most important aspects of the show that decides the elimination and winner similarly. Big Boss Format shows runs on the vote and it had been followed until Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5. Currently it identical for Bigg Boss Kannada season 6 similarly within which people are the contestants.

If we speak about this

If we really talking about kannada bigg boss season 6 voting lines, Voting, It is expressing your interest in a housemate related to their behaviour and all. We can do the Voting following two ways.

Using Voot App Voting | Voot Online Voting:

As we tend to all understand that Voot is that the Official Partner of the Bigg Boss Kannada i.e all the streaming rights are Reserved to Voot App only.

Most of the Seasons that are streamed by voot are voted through the Voot app. however this doesn’t happen with Kannada. Thus let’s stay up for season 6.

If Voot voting is live,

Installing voot app and making an account there’ll be ok to vote your Fav Contestant.

Using Missed call voting or offline voting:

This can even be known as offline voting. each Contestant is given a singular number. The those who are willing to vote a contestant will give a missed call to the provided number and it is often calculated as a vote.

Kannada Big Boss SMS voting:

Normally, voting is going to be conducted through SMS throughout its initial weeks and it works later furthermore. It is a small amount confusing and time taking method.

·        Have a look at the nominated candidates from the house in the week here

·        Pick up your favourite housemate from the nomination list

·        Copy his/her personal SMS code.

·        Type the code an send SMS to 56882

Missed call Numbers with respect to the contestants will be updated after the announcement .

By Bigg Boss Kannada Google vote online:

We have another way to Vote that is google search. We can find the nominated people for the elimination for that week using google search. Please take an eye on the below for the process online voting.

·        Make sure that you just open (Google version of India)

·        Search for “Bigg Boss Kannada Vote”.

·        The lists of nominated candidates are going to be displayed within the box.

·        Just raise the vote bar up to 50 votes and so submit it.

·        You can vote 50 points to any number of contestants like 10 points for one candidate and also the rest for an additional one.

·        And finally, don’t forget to submit the vote and provides it a social share to boost the votes.


·        These are solely official voting ways that are taken into count

·        Voting for the week are closed on Friday 12 AM

·        Votes received before the time are thought of

·        Votes through many online polls and websites aren’t thought of.

·        There are several polls on websites that are simple to guess the public opinion. They didn’t create any impact on eliminations.


Telengana Election: 2018 Assembly Election Opinion Poll.

Telangana Elections 2018 Survey:

Telangana 2018 Elections Survey:

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Who will be the Next CM in Telangana:

Vote for favorite contestant
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TRS Number of Seats Won?

Vote for favorite contestant
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Mahakutami Number of Seats Won?

Vote for favorite contestant
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BJP Number Of Seats Won?

Vote for favorite contestant
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How to fix the error establishing a database connection in WordPress?

How to fix the error establishing a database connection in WordPress?

You can check if there are any WordPress database repair plugin to fix this error. If not, scan through the following list of solutions on how to repair a database in wordpress. It is advisable that you take sufficient backups before making any database changes.

  1. Is the same error occurring on wp-admin?
  1. Check if you are getting the same error on both, the front-end and the back-end of the site (wp-admin).
  2. If you are seeing the same wordpress error establishing a database connection on both the pages, move on to the next step.
  3. Sometimes, you may get different errors on both the pages. On the wp-admin page, you may get an error message reading “One or more database tables are unavailable. The database may need to be repaired”, you will have to repair a database in wordpress.
  4. The question is how to repair a database in wordpress. You can repair it by adding ‘define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);’ line just before ‘That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging’ line in your wp-config.php file.
  5. Aftr adding the ‘define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);’ line, see the the settings by visiting


You don’t have to be logged in to access this functionality.             After fixing the error establishing a database connection issue in wordpress and optimizing your database, remove this from your wp-config.php.

This was the first solution to fix the error, if the error establishing a database connection is not solved in wordpress, try the next solution.

How to fix the error establishing a database connection in WordPress?

  1. Check the WP-Config file:

WP-Config.php is the most important file in WordPress installation where you specify the details for WordPress to connect your database. Any change that you make to your root password or the database user password should be changed in the WP-Config file also. Make sure to match your wp-config.php file with the following:

  1. define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘database-name’);
  2. define(‘DB_USER’, ‘database-username’);
  3. define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘database-password’);
  4. define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

Everything should be the same, check for typos too.

Sometimes, your DB_Host value might be other than the localhost, like HostGator, BlueHost, and SiteGround.

Sometimes, you can this error by replacing the localhost with the IP.

  1. define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘’);

Note: If you have availed online web hosting services, IP’s may vary.

If everything in this file is correct then the problem might be on the server end.


  1. Check your Web Host (MySQL Server):

The error establishing database connection in WordPress may also occur when your site gets a lot of traffic. When this happens, your host server cannot handle the load and your site will get really slow or you mught get to see this error. If this seems to be the root cause, get in touh with your hosting provider and request them to check if your MySQL server is responsive.

If you want to test if MySQL server is running yourself, you can:

  • Test other sites on the same server. If the other sites are also having the same issue and displaying the error, the problem may be with your MySQL server.
  • If you have non other sites hosting on the same server, go to your cPanel. Then, connect the database by accessing phpMyAdmin. If you are able to connect, then you will have to check if your database user has sufficient permission. Test by creating a new file called testconnection.php and paste the following code in it:
  1. <?php
  2. $link = mysqli_connect(‘localhost’, ‘username’, ‘password’);
  3. if (!$link) {
  4. die(‘Could not connect: ‘ . mysqli_error());


  1. echo ‘Connected successfully’;
  2. mysqli_close($link);
  3. ?>

Replace the username and password. If codes works and you are able to connect successfully, your user has sufficient permission. Therefore, the problem must be with something. Check your wp-config file and make sure that everything is correct, give special attention to typos.

If this code doesn’t help something with your server. Either MySQL server is down or your user does not have sufficient permission.

Remember, these solutions may not work for you. Use these solutions at your own risk. Don’t forget to take sufficient backups.

5G Technology

Things you need to know about the 5G technology

5G Technology

Gone are the days when communicated through of letters, telegrams and landline phones. Thanks to the advanced applied sciences and innovation in technology, we now use simpler modes of communication, mobile phones. Mobile phones have made life easier while saving time and giving increased accessibility to communicate seamlessly.

5G has made its way up to the focal point. Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona and 5G network was the main focus. 5G promises faster, more reliable internet speeds and quick responding connections. 5G is expected to be deployed in the making and working of self-driving cars, virtual reality and smart cities.

While we are using 4G now, soon 5G technology, the next generation telecom network, will hit the market by 2020. So, what is 5g technology and why is it hyped?

What is the 5G technology?

What is 5G technology

5G is the fifth generation of wireless (mobile) communications. Wireless communication was first introduced in the early 1970’s. Since then the mobile technology has evolved from 1G to 2G, 3G, 4G and now to 5G. Every advanced generation brought with it an improvement in terms of speed, connectivity and cost. 5G doesn’t only mean increased speed but also, reduced latency, energy saving and reduced cost. It aims at giving higher system capacity and massive device connectivity. With all these features, 5G technology is expected to unleash an enormous IoT ecosystem in which networks can serve the communication needs for billions of connected devices.

What will the 5G internet speed be?


The 5G network offers a data bandwidth of more than 1Gbps with the internet as the core network. 5G speed in mbps will be 1,000 mbps.

5G vs 4G: What are the differences?

4G vs 5G


  • Speed: The most visible difference that 5G will offer a bandwidth of 1Gbps, greater than that of 4G. It will also offer increased capacity and will make better use of what is currently available in urban environments between thousands of users. This will attract more and more performance-hungry applications. 5G’s performance standard will be referred to as eMBB which stands for enhanced mobile broadband.



  • Latency: The next important difference between 5G and 4G is latency. 5G will offer reduced latency than 4G which you can call as ‘ultra-low’. Consumers who expect real-time response while video-calling, streaming, etc. will benefit from such ultra-low latency. 5G can also support medical applications where more than immediate response is needed. 5G’s latency standard will be referred to as URLLC which stands for ultra-reliable, low-latency connections.



  • Technology: 4G accommodates various technologies such as LWA (LTE-WLAN) aggregation which supports connectivity in dense environments. 5Gs is expected to improve spectral efficiency and connection quality, even in dense urban environments.


  • Communications type: 5G is designed to meet consumers, Enterprise and machine-type communications (MTC) that is required by IoT applications. Not only MTC, 5G will also support M2M-type (machine-to-machine) connected devices. On the other hand, IoT in 4G is a combination of adapted 2G and 4G technologies.
  • Architecture: An impressive difference between 4G and 5G technologies is the architecture. 5Gs will make optimal use of cloud-based or virtual Radio Access Networks (RANs) which enable enterprises and service providers to have their own centralized networks.
  • Intelligence of device: 5G will have the capability of differentiating between fixed and mobile devices which 4G lacks. 5G will use cognitive radio techniques to identify device type and offer an appropriate delivery channel which will offer a customized internet connection to consumers.


Which will the first 5G network countries be?5G network countries

On the global front, competition is fierce as to which country will first introduce 5G. Service providers in technology-focused countries are already working on 5G network trials. The following are four countries most likely to have the earliest and biggest 5G debuts:


  • South Korea: In South Korea, two service providers SK Telecom and Korea Telecom are jostling to be the first to introduce 5G network. Korea Telecom has announced to roll out a trial 5G network around the 2018 Winter Olympics in Seoul.


  • China: According to GSM, China is estimated to represent 40% of global 5G connections by 2025. The research arm of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), China Academy of Information and Communications Technology’s study says that 5G could account for 3.2% of China’s entire GDP in 2025. 5G is also expected to generate 8 million jobs and add 2.9 trillion yuan in economic value by 2030.
  • Japan: The NTT DoCoMo and Sohgo Security Services based an advanced security service on 5G network technology to check the effectiveness of the service in handling security for 2020 Olympics opening ceremony.
  • The United States: The United States is leading in existing 4G networks, so excelling in 5G internet will not be a task. Verizon, US’s largest wireless communications service provider company that provides broadband, wireless and cable services. When it comes to 5G internet Verizon is set to introduce 5G home internet early this October.



About the 5G internet in India:

5G Internet in India

While 5G is not completely released across the globe, few countries are already using the 5G technology. Now, the question is when will 5g be available in India. You can expect 5G internet in India by 2022.

However, while many parts of the country are still not able to access 4G network, 5G will take time to mark its print.

How much will the 5G internet cost?

5G Internet

5G internet cost is expected to exceed $8 Billion in capital investments for one service provider. Operators will have to spend more than what they did to deploy 4G networks. Though 5G offers lower latency and high data, the question is will service providers be able to monetize these services.

Though the 5th generation telecom network is going to revolutionize lives, it’s going to be expensive because the 5G network will travel on super high frequencies airwaves and not through walls and windows.

What are the 5G internet benefits?

5G internet will give the following advantages:

  • 5G network will give higher speed
  • It will give higher capacity
  • 5G network also reduce cost per bit
  • It will support multimedia, voice and internet
  • It offers global access
  • It offers service portability
  • It offers high uploading and downloading speed

What are the demerits of the 5G network?

5G has the following demerits:

  • It will create a digital divide as some parts of the world will not get high speed
  • Security and privacy aspects of the 5G internet network are not yet solved
  • Old devices will not support 5G

Applications of the 5G network:

5G technology will find applications in various fields. has the following applications in different fields:

  • It can help in forecasting weather and location.
  • It will make the experience of learning easier and benefit the education system.
  • It will benefit the medical field with quick responses.
  • It can forecast natural disasters and help in deploying prevention measures
  • It can help in visualizing the universe, planets, and galaxies.

Once introduced, the advantages of the 5G network may find increased applications.

Though 5G technology is expected to hit the market by 2020 and some countries have already started using it, getting 5g internet connection will still be a dream for many as 5g internet availability may not be uniformly distributed across the world.

How to Increase 512MB Upload Limit of All-in-One WP Migration Plugin Free

Increase 512MB Upload Limit for All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

You may find that your WordPress hosting provider is not up to your standards. In such a situation, use a WordPress migration services to jump to another site.

All In one WP Migration

What is WordPress migration?

A WordPress migration is the process of moving a WordPress install from one server to another. When you decide to do this, you would surely want to do the migration without affecting its functionality. While migrating your site may sound complicated, it is not.

All in one migration

In this article, you will learn how to unlock and increase all in one WP Migration limit. The All-in-One WP Migration plugin extension is absolutely free. Using the WordPress Migration plugin saves time. With this plugin extension you can increase the 512 MB upload limit to unlimited.

all in one migration 512mb

To increase all in one migration limit, you install WordPress on a web hosting provider such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

Following are the steps to increase 512 MB upload limit for all-in-one WP Migration plugin to various file sizes:

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Step by steps to increase 10GB upload limit for all-in-one WP Migration plugin:

1)Firstly, activate your all-in-one WP Migration plugin

all in one migration active

2)Now, open the Plugin Editor from your WordPress sidebar menu. Click on ‘Editor’

all in one migration Plugin Editor

3)Select All-in-One WP Migration plugin on the upper right-hand corner of the ‘Editor’ page

all in one migration Plugin Editor

4)Open constants.php file from the list of plugin files

all in one migration Plugin Editor

5)Scroll down to the 249th line of the constants.php file. Go to the ‘MAX FILE SIZE’ section and type or add * 20 after the existing number

all in one migration Plugin Editor

6)Example: define( ‘AI1WM_MAX_FILE_SIZE’, 536870912 * 20);

all in one migration Plugin Editor

7)After making the changes, save the changes by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on Update File.

8)Finally, test the settings. If the changes you made were successful, you will notice that the maximum upload file size has increased to 10GB.

all in one migration 10 gb increase


How to increase 30GB upload limit for all in one WP Migration?

1)To increase all in one WP Migration limit to more than 10GB, simply increase the multiplier. To increase your upload limit to 30GB, use a multiplier of 60 instead of 20.

all in one migration 60 gb increase

2)For example: change *20 to *60 in define( ‘AI1WM_MAX_FILE_SIZE’, 536870912 * 60 );

all in one migration 60 gb increase

Word of caution:

The upload limit will go back to 512MB whenever the plugin is updated. In such cases, you will have to repeat the steps.

The All-in-One WP Migration plugin’s functionality is spread across three sections within its admin screen, namely Export, Import and Backups.

  • Export enables you to create copies of your site
  • Import handles uploads
  • Backups provides a safety net when your host doesn’t play nicely with big files

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Key features of the All-in-One WP Migration plugin:

  • The plugin enables you to upload your site copy through the dashboard or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) using its Backup option.
  • It excludes components like themes and plugins from the migration process if set.
  • This plugin lets you handle the entire moving process without leaving your dashboard.
  • This plugin is simple to use and saves a lot of time.
  • The All-in-One WP Migration plugin is tested extensively across various hosting providers.

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Who should use All-in-One WP Migration?

  • This plugin is beneficial to all users.
  • Use this plugin if you don’t want to use separate installation scripts.

So, migrate you WordPress site using All-in-One WP Migration for a seamless experience.

How to Download E-Aadhaar with Enrollment Number and Phone Number

Aadhaar Card:


E-Aadhaar Download: Aadhaar card is issued by the government of India to all Indian people, It has a 12-digit unique identification number. The responsibility of Aadhaar number managing and Aadhaar identification cards are is given to UDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) which functions under the Planning Commission of India.

What is e-Aadhaar?

Aadhaar Card Logo

E-Aadhaar is an electronic copy of Aadhar, It has a protected password. also, it has a digital sign of the competent authority of UIDAI. According to Aadhaar Act, How the Physical copy of the Aadhaar is useful for all-purpose, e-Aadhaar also has same equally valid. Please visit the below link for the UIDAI circular on the validity of e-Aadhaar.

To mask your Aadhaar number in your downloaded Aadhaar it has an option like Mask Aadhaar.

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Following 2 ways Citizens Can Download E-Aadhaar, those are

Aadhaar Download Process

  1. By utilizing Enrollment Number: Citizens will have 28 digit enrolment number for There Aadhaar utilizing this number can download e-Aadhaar.With entering of Full Name & Pin Code. The registered mobile no will receive the One-time password (OTP) to download. Citizens can download e-Aadhaar by using TOTP Alternatively by using OTP. By utilizing of mAadhaar mobile Application TOTP can be generated.
  2. By Utilizing Aadhaar No: By the Use of 12 digits of Aadhaar No Citizens can download E-Aadhaar. By Entering of Full Name & Pin code. The registered mobile no will receive the One-time password (OTP) to download. Citizens can download e-Aadhaar by using TOTP Alternatively by using OTP. By utilizing of mAadhaar mobile Application TOTP can be generated.

A citizen can download e-Aadhaar by clicking on given links are UIDAI websites – or by Clicking on

A citizen requires “Adobe Reader’ Software to open and View E-Aadhaar. And they have to install the “Adobe Reader” in there System. Using can install Adobe Reader in the System.

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What is the Aadhar password of PDF?

E-Aadhaar PDF file has totally 8 Characters with the combination of First 4 letters of the Name in CAPITAL and the birth year (YYYY) as a Password.

Aadhaar PDF Password

For Example:

Example 1


Year of Birth: 1990

Password: SURE1990

Example 2


Year of Birth: 1990

Password: SAIK1990

Example 3

Name: P. KUMAR

Year of Birth: 1990

Password: P.KU1990

Example 4

Name: RIA

Year of Birth: 1990

Password: RIA1990

E-Aadhaar is a Safe digital file format that’s why UIDAI created this PDF file password -Protected and also it increases the security cover of the file. To encapsulate, the E-Aadhaar PDF file has totally 8 Characters with the combination of First 4 letters of the Name in CAPITAL and the birth year (YYYY) as a Password.

Aadhaar Password Set

Procedure to download and Print E-Aadhaar :

In case your original Aadhar card misplaced or destroyed it, by using link you can get it. To get your E-Aadhar, you have followed the below-mentioned steps.

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Step 1: ‘Your Personal Details’ section, choose the relevant choice amongst these 2 ‘I have ‘Enrolment ID’/‘Aadhaar’’. choose the choice of the detail you’ve got. you’ll be able to realize your entry ID together with stamp within the Acknowledgment slip you received once you registered for Aadhaar. the opposite choice is that of Aadhaar. Here you’ll need to fill the Aadhaar No. you received:

Step By Step Process For Download Aadhaar Card Online:

  1. If you choose ‘Enrolment Id’, you’ll get to fill in your fourteen-digit registration no. with a stamp within the 1st row. However, if you choose ‘Aadhaar’, you’ll get to fill in your 12 digit Aadhaar no.
  2. Then you’ll get to fill in your Full Name. The Name that you’ll mention here should be an equivalent one you mentioned once registering for Aadhaar.
  3. In the next row, enter the PIN Code of the communicating address you mentioned once registering for Aadhaar.
  4. Enter the Image text relevant to the image that is being displayed a row higher than.
  5. Enter your mobile no. This mobile no. should be the one you mentioned once registering for Aadhaar.
  6. Then click on ‘Get just the once Password’. you’ll receive a one Time word on your registered mobile no.

In Step two, ‘Enter OTP Received and transfer your E-Aadhaar’ section, enter the just once password you only received (in Step 1f) on your registered mobile no. Once you are doing that you simply need to click on the “Validate and Download” tab.

Then, a PDF file is given to you for downloading. That’s your E-Aadhaar.

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How to get the forgotten password of E-Aadhaar:

If you forget your Aadhaar Card PDF secret, then don’t be troubled as your E-Aadhaar no. PDF secret could be a combination of the primary four letters of your name written in CAPITALS (Name as mentioned within the achaar card) and you’re Year of Birth (in YYYY format).

Aadhaar PDF Password

Advantages of E-Aadhaar Card:


Aadhaar primarily based Direct profit Transfer (LPG Subsidy): The twelve digit individual number on Aadhar card is employed to urge LPG grant quantity directly within the bank account. This DBTL theme is known as-as PAHAL. to urge this profit you would like to go to your area’s distributor and find Aadhar variety coupled to the seventeen digit LPG client variety. though currently, you’ll be able to get direct profit transfer by linking a checking account to the LPG variety.

Jan Dhan Yojana: Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) accepts Aadhaar card/number because of the only document adequate to open the bank account. though you’ll be able to open PMJDY account once producing alternative documents additionally. the advantages offered are RuPay card, free zero balance bank account, life and accident insurance, and lots of others.

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Passport in ten days: This advantage of Aadhaar card can relieve you the most! If you’ve got an Aadhaar card, you’ll be able to get a passport in only ten days. under this format, police verification is done at a later date as against the previous rule requiring police verification that wont to belong. additionally under the new government’s rule, if you would like a passport, Aadhaar number is mandatory.

Digital Locker: Government of Asian country has launched a digital locker (DigiLocker) system for everybody for storing all personal document on the government’s server. And a sign-up method for DigiLocker needs an individual to link his/her 12 digit Aadhaar card number.

Voter Card Linking: beginning ninth March 2015, Aadhaar variety has been coupled to the citizen ids. This action is taken to eliminate phony voters. Once associate degree Aadhaar variety is coupled, it might become not possible for a citizen to possess multiple elector ID cards. Its prohibited to use is additionally restrained, as registration needs elector ID card holder to be physically present and produce Aadhaar card to the booth officer for linking.

Monthly Pension: All the pensioners from choose states can currently have to be compelled to register their Aadhaar card variety to their individual department so as to receive a monthly pension. This move was initiated to avoid dishonest incidents of faux beneficiaries.

Provident Fund: just like pension, worker Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has conjointly extended Aadhaar primarily based on-line Claim Submission for PF account holders.

Opening new checking account: Aadhaar letter provided by UIDAI is currently acceptable by banks as a legitimate proof to open the bank account. In fact, it will serve each as associate degree address and identity proof, therefore avoiding the requirement to supply a bunch of documents to the banks for gap associate degree account.

Digital Life Certificate: Aadhaar connected digital life certificate is another initiative that was launched by the Ministry of electronics and IT. Named as “Jeevan Praman for Pensioners”, this technique can finish the method wherever beneficiary had to be physically present at Pension Disbursing Agency to renew his / her life certificate. Instead, all the main points of pensionary are accessed digitally by the agency.

SEBI: it’s currently accepted as an indication of address and identity by Securities and Exchange Board of the Asian country for finance within the stock exchange.

Mobile variety: All existing mobile subscribers (prepaid and postpaid) are needed to link Aadhaar to their mobile number. All new connections would force Aadhaar linking.

Driving license: to form Aadhaar, a digital identity, very shortly driver’s license is planned to be joined to Aadhaar variety. The target of doing this can be to see the prevalence of multiple licenses.

PAN card and IT return: this can be thought of to be the most effective step to curb black money. Linking of PAN card with Aadhaar has been created necessary.

Investments: Submitting Aadhaar to money establishments is necessary wherever you’re doing fund and different investments.

Existing bank account holders: Account holders are to provide Aadhaar to the banks wherever they hold account six months from the date of commencement of bank account.

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Book Up to 12 tickets in IRCTC website during a month by linking Aadhaar: currently, users are allowed to reserve to 12 tickets during a month if users get themselves verified through their Aadhaar number together with a minimum of one traveler additionally being verified through Aadhaar. However, No Aadhaar Verification needed for booking up to six tickets during a month.

Aadhaar Card LogoAadhaar-Card

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First Xiaomi Poco F1 Unboxing Video, First Look , Features and Reviews.

About Mi Poco F1:

Xiaomi Poco F1 is trending mobile in India. F1 largest sale mobile in August 2018, Xiaomi smartphones are best at price. Poco F1 released on 29th August 2018 and all phones are sold out a span of 5 min and get 200cr business.
PocoF1 has Android v8.1 (Oreo) operating system with Octa-Core Processor. Poco f1 release on 6th Sep 2018 with 3min all mobile are sold out. Mi pocof1 available in Flipkart only

Poco F1 Full Specifications and Features:  

This smartphone has the fastest processor Snapdragon™ 845 with LiquidCool Technology. F1 simply unbeatable.

Poco F1 has a high-capacity battery with 4000mAh with quick charge 3.0, enough power for 30 hours of calling or 146 hours of audio playback.

Mi Poco F1 picture perfect camera at any condition in day or night light, back 12+5 MP Camera with dual pixel autofocus and 20MP front camera with incredible selfies.

Xiaomi Poco F1 storage has three models
Mi Poco F1 in three colors:
✅Graphite Black
✅Rosso Red
✅Steel Blue

F1 has IR face unlock, face unlocking and fingerprint even it in dark.
For more details and unboxing video below

Poco F1 full specifications and feature:

Mi Poco F1Specifications
DISPLAY6.18 inches
RAM6 or 8 GB
ROM(Internal Memory)64/128/256 GB
BATTERYLi-Po 4000 mAh battery
Weight180 g
OSAndroid 8.1
Processor Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845
Resolution1080 x 2246 pixels
ColorsGraphite Black, Steel Blue, Rosso Red, Armored Edition
Launch August 2018

Xiaomi Poco F1 Unboxing Video:

Big Boss Season 17 Contestants Names List, Photos and Launch Date.

Bigg Boss 17 

Bigg Boss S15

Bigg Boss Hindi Season 17 Week 1 Vote


(Disclaimer: The above vote poll of Bigg Boss Hindi is conducted by to know about public opinion, not official. To vote officially for your favorite contestant, check out the steps below)

Bigg Boss 17 Contestants Name List:


Bigg Boss S17 Hindi

Bigg Boss 17 Hindi: In Indian television shows Bigg Boss is one of the Biggest successful shows. EndelmolShine India is the production of this Bigg Boss Show. Colors TV is going to be telecast. Bigg Boss Season 16 is got Bigg success.

According to our research, the Bigg Boss maker has been declared its latest season in a few weeks. So here we are providing the Bigg Boss Season 14 Celebrity contestant’s name list for Hindi.

Inside this Bigg Boss house, some interesting things always had like with some fight, some entertainment, and also some romance.

3rd October 2020 is the date that has been confirmed to start this Biggest Bigg Boss Season 14 on Colors TV. And watch this grand premiere episodes at 9 PM IST, Saturday.

In this Bigg Boss Season 17 contestants list has been coming out. As per the information Punjabi singer Sara Gurpal, Rubina Dilaik, and others are included.

Here we are giving step by step process and complete information about how to vote for your favorite contestant. In this Bigg Boss show voting process will play a major role.

From this Bigg Boss house every week one member going to be evicted amongst the nominated members for the week.

Once the show begins on television or some other streaming platforms you can look at the list of members of nominated.

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Bigg Boss 17 Contestants List

This Bigg Boss season also will be going similarly other seasons, it got pushed to an October date due to the delay in shooting taking into consideration the COVID-19 situation in the country.

Like the last years, this year too, Bigg Boss 17 will be hosted by actor Salman Khan and will air on 4th October, while the finale will reportedly be held on 17th January.

And keeping in mind that the showrunners are completely outfitted to engage the crowds with something new this year, similar to a couple of individuals going into the house later and hopefuls being permitted to eat out, watch films in theatres in addition to other things, here’s a provisional rundown of challengers that the watchers will see on the show.

Bigg Boss S14 Hindi

Look at the final list of Bigg Boss season 17 contestants.

  1. Jasmin Bhasin
  2. Abhinav Shukla
  3. Eijaz Khan
  4. Rahul Vaidya
  5. Jaan Kumar Sanu
  6. Pavitra Punia
  7. Sara Gurpal
  8. Nikki Tamboli
  9. Nishant Malkhani
  10. Rubina Dilaik
  11. Shehzad Deol

Jasmin Bhasin

Jasmin Bhasin Bigg Boss

Abhinav Shukla

Abhinav Shukla Bigg Boss

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Eijaz Khan

Eijaz Khan Bigg Boss

Rahul Vaidya

Rahul Vaidya Bigg Boss


Jaan Kumar Sanu

Jaan Kumar Sanu Bigg Boss

Pavitra Punia

Pavitra Punia Bigg Boss

Sara Gurpal

Sara Gurpal Bigg Boss


Nikki Tamboli

Nikki Tamboli Bigg Boss


Nishant Malkhani

Nishant Malkhani Bigg Boss

Rubina Dilaik

Rubina Dilaik Bigg Boss

Shehzad Deol

Shehzad Deol Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 15 Voting Online?

There are three Ways to Vote for Bigg Boss 12:

  • Through Voot Mobile App
  • Through Voot Website
  • On Our Site Below

But before you check out the method of voting, let’s have a look at another info of vote in Bigg Boss 15. For those that are new Bigg Boss Season 15, I might wish to provide you with a short introduction to the voting system in Bigg Boss. Actually, the vote is a way to save a Bigg Boss Contestant from Elimination.

The Game of Bigg Boss works on Elimination wherever one person is eliminated from the show each week. Around three to four contestants are dispossessing each week and you’ve got to vote via SMS to save your favorite contestant. The contestant with all-time low votes is eliminated and needs to leave the gorgeous house of Bigg Boss.

How To Vote in Bigg Boss 17 Online?
  1. Voting for your most favorite contestant of Bigg Boss 17 is incredibly easy and simple. you’ll simply do Bigg boss 17 votes online among seconds. One by one Step to Vote for Bigg Boss 15 Contestants Online:
  2. Visit on  Voting Page of Bigg Boss 17 Here
  3. Now you have to log in using your Facebook, or Gmail ID.
  4. If you don’t have any of the above-given id’s, then you can create a new Id.
  5. Now, simply click on the Contestant whom you wish to save lots of and click on “Submit“
  6. That’s it! Your vote has been cast.

Note: You will not be charged any cash for casting Bigg Boss 15 vote Polls. I hope you need to have simply understood this manner to vote and save your favorite Bigg Boss season 15 Contestant.

How To do Bigg Boss 17 Vote by SMS?

If you are doing not need to go to the website or the App of Bigg Boss, then you’ll directly vote for your favorite contestant by sending an SMS on their code. However, this year you’ll not vote for your favorite contestant although vote by SMS. Supporting your favorite contestant by SMS can price you Rs.3 whereas if you vote online then it’ll be FREE.

 Bigg Boss 17 Vote Lines

Each week once a contestant is disposed of for the nominations then they get ac thus to save lots of themselves by asking views to vote for them. So, Ever week vote lines of Bigg Boss 2023-24 are opened so you’ll vote and save the contestant you like the foremost.

Voting Lines of Bigg Boss 17 are going to be open for six days and you’ve got to vote among that only otherwise vote lines are going to be closed. Thus if you would like to vote then confirm to cast your votes before Bigg Boss 17 vote Lines are closed.

Bigg Boss Voting Season 17 Result:

As soon as all the votes are cast and every one the votes are counted by the Bigg Boss Team, then the ultimate Bigg Boss 17 vote result are declared. Salman Khan announces the vote result each Sunday which person should leave Bigg Boss House.

Bigg Boss 17 Auditions and Registrations Online:

Are you wanting forward to being a section of the largest TV program in India? Then you’re reading the correct thing, let’s see how you’ll do registration for Bigg Boss 17 Auditions on-line.

Steps of Applying Bigg Boss 17 Auditions:

  1. Go to  Voot Online Registration Form Here
  2. Now Enter all the specified info like Your Name, Email ID, Address, Reason to get on the show, Instagram Handle etc. now upload the Video that you just had prepared & Submit.
  1. Now upload the Video and Click on Submit.
  1. If you get selected, you shall get a call or Email from Bigg Boss Official Team.

Beware: don’t provide cash to anyone in order to enter Bigg Boss 17 as these are frauds. There aren’t any charges to get on Bigg Boss show

Xiaomi Poco F1 Phone Full Specification, Price, Features in India

Xiaomi Poco F1:


Xiaomi, the Chinese cellphone maker, propelled the Poco F1 in India today, under their new sub-mark Poco which remains for ‘a bit’. The Flipkart-elite cell phone is the most reasonable cell phone to include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC and is a top-notch expansion to the arrangement of parent Xiaomi, known for the most part for its financial plan and mid-go cell phones.

Xiaomi’s most recent reasonable leader cell phone – Poco F1 – is set to go marked down in India today. The handset will be accessible by means of Flipkart and beginning at 12 pm. The Chinese producer had propelled the cell phone in the nation prior in August under its new sub-mark Poco. Driven by Xiaomi’s Lead Item Chief Jai Mani, the main cell phone under the Poco mark is set to grasp on handsets in the mid-extend portion, for example, the OnePlus 6 and Asus ZenFone 5Z. The cost of the cell phone in India begins at Rs. 20,999 and goes up to Rs. 29,999. The producer had disclosed four variations of the handset in the market and they accompany up to 8GB of Slam, Snapdragon 845 SoC, a 6.1-inch show, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Then, points of interest of the Poco F1, incorporating its cost in India, dispatch offers, and more were at that point uncovered by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Poco F1 Specification :

The Xiaomi Poco F1 is a double SIM cell phone that runs MIUI 9.6 out-of-the-container in light of Android 8.1 Oreo. In any case, aanMIUI 10 refresh is said to come soon. Xiaomi has additionally guaranteed an Android P refresh. The Poco F1 utilizes MIUI for Poco, a redid variant of MIUI that is said to be improved for speed. The Poco launcher is said to seem nearer to stock Android’s UI and it additionally incorporates highlights like outsider application symbol bolster. Xiaomi will likewise offer help for custom ROMs and will discharge the portion in the following couple of weeks.

The Poco F1 is outfitted with a 6.18-inch show close by 2.D bended Gorilla Glass 3 glass insurance. It is controlled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor that accompanies LiquidCool Innovation. As specified, the cell phone comes in 6GB and 8GB Slam variations and bears a double camera setup with a 12-megapixel Sony IMX363 essential sensor with 1.4-micron pixel, double pixel self-adjust, and a 5-megapixel optional profundity sensor from Samsung. At the front, there is a 20-megapixel selfie camera that accompanies HDR and AI Enhance highlights, with an IR light that powers the Face Open component. The organization asserts that the AI camera is tuned particularly for India, and has scene acknowledgment highlights. The telephone likewise accompanies Dirac HD Sound help, with a Double Brilliant Dad.

The Poco F1 accompanies 64GB/128GB/256GB inbuilt stockpiling alternatives, which are all expandable by means of microSD card (up to 256GB) in a cross breed SIM opening arrangement. Availability choices in the cell phone incorporate 4G+, VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth v5.0, USB Compose C, 3.5mm earphone jack. It incorporates sensors, for example, an accelerometer, encompassing light sensor, advanced compass, spinner, and vicinity sensor. The handset packs a 4,000mAh battery with 18W charging backing and Brisk Charge 3.

Mi Poco F1 Price in India:

POCO F1 (6GB+64GB)₹20,999/- Only
POCO F1 (6GB+128GB)₹23,999/- Only
POCO F1 (8GB+256GB)₹28,999/- Only

Mi Poco F1 Specification Details:

Mi Poco F1Specifications
DISPLAY6.18 inches
RAM6 or 8 GB
ROM(Internal Memory)64/128/256 GB
BATTERYLi-Po 4000 mAh battery
Weight180 g
OSAndroid 8.1
Processor Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845
Resolution1080 x 2246 pixels
ColorsGraphite Black, Steel Blue, Rosso Red, Armored Edition
Launch August 2018

Mi Poco F1 Online Free Booking:

Book Now:  Xiaomi Poco F1